Welcome to the ideal English classroom! by Dina, Meredith, Lyndie, and Katie

Physical Space
Our classroom will be equipped with a laptop cart, smart board, and a document camera. Seating arrangements in the classroom are fluid and change often. Some of our most common desk configurations are as follows: circles, small groups, U-shape (ampitheater), and debate style. There is also a circular table located in the room used for varying purposes such as peace talks, peer/teacher conferences, and group meetings. The lighting in the room will be kept low and we will have an abundance of plants and natural light. Finally, music will be used at a appropriate times to provide stimulation and entertainment.

With regard to instruction, our classroom is student-centered and relies on direct instruction sparingly and as needed. The teacher is the classroom facilitator and provides challenging problem solving opportunities and guides students to create and take ownership of their own learning experience. The teacher serves as a model for high student expectations and also allows for risk-taking opportunities within a safe space. Finally, the instructor will focus her energies on cultivating higher order thinking skills through rigorous and relevant curriculum differentiated in a variety of modalities.

Assessment should occur both formally and informally. Some examples of assessments we believe are effective and meaningful are as follows: journals, portfolios, exit slips, and socratic circles. Additionally, our classroom will rely on performance, interest, and formative assessments that demonstrate progression of growth and incorporate flexible timelines.

Our classroom will be a place where every student is welcome, valued, and respected. Our community will embrace individuality and celebrate students not only for their academic achievements, but beyond the classroom as well. We will engage our students and foster a positive learning environment.