Below are responses that have been transcribed from workshop participants. This is a working document, so please add, revise, or rearrange as you see fit. Use the discussion tab for this page if necessary to come to agreement about the placement or wording of an item.

Know it

(Information we already have
about our students)

Learn it

(Information we don't have yet
but we know how to get)

Where is it?

(Information we do not yet
know how to obtain)
  • IEP
  • GIEP
  • PSSA scores
  • Can the student read?
  • Reading level/ability
  • Academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Behavior with peers
  • Can the student do basic math operations?
  • Prior grades
  • Demographics
  • Prior teachers
  • Other current teachers
  • Medical information
  • Vision/hearing problems
  • Socioeconomics
  • Prior year behavior level
  • Age
  • Previous schooling
  • Does child have access to a computer?
  • Crucial family/personal information
  • Responsibilities at home
  • Home life/family life/supports
  • Self-identified strengths and weaknesses
  • Parents' goals for their child
  • Life situation
  • Peer interactions and dynamics
  • Interests - to make connections
  • Parent information about their child (social, emotional, academic)
  • Fun activities (i.e. dance?)
  • Academic strengths/weaknesses
  • Triggers >:-[
  • Writing ability
  • Job
  • Home responsibilities
  • Available technology at home
  • Friends
  • Motivators
  • Is an adult at home when kids get home?
  • What sports do they play?
  • Video gamer?
  • Favorite things (color, books, films, etc.)
  • Pet peeves
  • Attitudes toward school
  • Goals - both long term and short term
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Personal connections to the curriculum
  • Initial fears/anxieties
  • Siblings (number and order)
  • Did they take their medicine?
  • Do they have their glasses?
  • Who they are
  • How have they done in previous years?
  • Strengths and weaknesses identified by previous teachers
  • Parents working?
  • Past educational experiences
  • Prior knowledge
  • Learning styles
  • Comfort level within a subject
  • Favorite subject
  • How they learn
  • Hobbies
  • Parents living?
  • Parental involvement
  • Career goals
  • Number of mp3's
  • Talents
  • Number of Facebook friends
  • Language(s) spoken at home
  • Grandparents are caregivers?
  • Family status (divorce, deaths, etc.)
  • Parental nonconformity
  • Specific proficiencies
  • What relationships are most important to them?