Instruction: typical day
Warm up activity in groups
Students present what they did for the warm up
Homework questions and answers: students write up solutions and explain
Class activities could be
direct instruction interlaced with student practice
group work on discovery or practice exercises,
jig saw activities
computer activities
Class summary/assessment: teacher directed
exit passes

Informal: teacher observes student work, questions students, exit passes

Formal: written tests, projects, presentations

Community: getting to know you activities
new and good, i'm proud of sharing activities
flexible grouping by interest and/or readiness
powerschool entries up to date
parent contact for both positive and negative feedback

Physical space:
Desks should be in 3 or more groups: one for computer activities, one for direct instruction with the teacher and 1 or more readiness levels. Room should have relevant posters, student work, and plants.